July 16, 2014

Introducing Zoey!

All smiles the day we picked her up @ 8 wks old

This is our new family member! We have had her for about a month now. And we couldn't ask for a better puppy! Z is adorable, super smart, somewhat obedient (as much as a puppy can be), social (moreso with people than dogs) and a little bit crazy (who isn't nowadays?). But puppies are a lot of work! Where has my time gone? However, I can't imagine life without her already. She's taught me more life lessons: the value of patience and persistence, and of being calm and assertive (as per Cesar Millan), as well as learning to let go of things that really don't matter.  Z has been a great distraction (with both cuddles and antics!) as I await the results of my most recent CT and MRI scans. Thank you Z!!! 

3 months old (after her first hair cut)

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