October 17, 2014

8 Reasons Why You Should Donate to Lung Cancer Research

Did you know November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month?  Probably not.  Lung cancer has been in the shadows for far too long.  Why? Maybe because it doesn't have anywhere near as many survivors alive to rally the people, the media and corporate sponsors, unlike  breast cancer (way to go girls!... and boys).  Maybe it's because of the smoking stigma that make even those diagnosed with lung cancer believe that they truly deserve this, so why would the general public think otherwise?  It's time to change that. I started this blog to share my experiences and what I have learned in all areas of life with cancer, and raise awareness for lung cancer.  I truly do believe that everything happens for a reason.  Even though it's not yet perfectly clear to me where my new path will lead me, I do know that I have a purpose.

A long time ago, when my symptoms started to improve with Iressa, my husband and I asked my oncologist where or how we should donate to lung cancer research.  You meet every person in your life for a reason. As it turns out, Dr. B is among a group of physicians, researchers and volunteers/advocates who have established the Lung Cancer Translational Research Initiative, centered at the University of Calgary's Cumming School of Medicine.  Their vision: "To achieve a world without lung cancer".  Their goal is to raise $10 million to build a world-renowned lung cancer research program in Calgary. 

8 Reasons Why You Should Donate to Lung Cancer Research:

1. Lung cancer is the #1 cancer killer in the world.  According to the WHO, in 2012 lung cancer killed 1.59 million people worldwide.  Liver cancer was second at 745,000.  Breast cancer was fifth at 521,000. 

2.  Lung cancer accounts for 27% of all cancer related deaths, more than breast, colorectal and prostate cancers combined.

3. Lung cancer can affect anyone with lungs, smoker or not.  Over 15% of people diagnosed with lung cancer have never smoked, and this number continues to increase. Everyday things we are exposed to, such as air pollution, pesticides and radon gas, also cause lung cancer. Consider your donation an investment into your or a loved one's future health. 

4.  Despite the number of people affected by lung cancer, it continues to receive a disproportionately low amount of funding for research.  Lung cancer receives 7% of cancer specific funding and 0.1 % of charitable donations.

5. The 5 year survival rate for lung cancer is 17% (compared to 96%, 88% and 65% for prostate, breast and colorectal cancer, respectively).

 6. By donating to lung cancer research, you could potentially save thousands of lives.

7. You would be giving to a very worthy cause, helping to end human suffering and contributing to the happiness and well-being of others. 

8. If it's my birthday or Christmas, any other occasion or just because you want to help, please donate to lung cancer research. That is the best gift anyone can ever give me (other than your love and support :). With much love and gratitude, thank you so much!

To donate online to the Lung Cancer Translational Research Initiative (via the University of Calgary), CLICK HERE.   The fundraising goal is big, but every donation, regardless of amount, makes a difference!  If you don't mind helping me track my fundraising efforts, please type "for Hope" under the Comments section. Thank you in advance for considering donating to something near and dear to my heart... and lungs :).   



  1. Hi Hope! I am helping Lung Cancer Social Media compile a list of lung cancer bloggers, so if you have a moment can you check that I have your information correct, and let me know anything else you would like to add? Also, is there a sample post you would like to list that represents your style?


    1. Hello Tori! I've been meaning to message you for awhile. Love your blog! Thanks for checking in with me on the LCSM blogger list. I was diagnosed at the same age as you. Feel free to add that. Otherwise, I am ok with the info as is. You can email me at hangingontohope88@gmail.com if you have any other questions or if you just want to chat :). Thinking of ways to raise awareness this month so would love to throw some ideas at you. Wishing you continued great health and healing. Happy Halloween!

  2. By donating money you can have the power to save someone lives. So, donate as much as you can. Thanks For sharing!

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