January 26, 2015

13 Month Health Update

I'll cut to the chase. It's time to move forward. My latest set of tests showed further progression, albeit small. Unfortunately, my shoulder and back pain seem to coincide so I wasn't surprised to hear the results. After a lengthy discussion with my oncologist, we decided to proceed with a biopsy as long as the radiologist can safely access one of the nodules. The intention is to have my biopsied tissue sample ready once the clinical trial opens up in Calgary, or we find out we need to go to Edmonton. I am currently waiting for the phone call to arrange the biopsy. Fingers crossed for a successful sample! If this falls through, I proceed with chemo. As much as I don't like the idea of infusing toxins into my body, I have come to realize it's no big deal. In the meantime, I wait, get my pain under control, and try to sleep. I restarted the iv Vitamin C to boost my energy and immune system (horrible flu season seems to have affected everyone but me! Knock on wood) and my acupuncturist started me on some Chinese herbs, which also helps with my energy. Staying positive. Staying hopeful. Still enjoying life the best way I can. 

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