September 4, 2016

Home Sweet Home

I was discharged from the hospital on Sept 2nd and have been recovering at home. No more serious diarrhea (ever since they stopped the iv antibiotics!). Blood counts were slowly improving. Liver enzymes continued to decline. Unfortunately, I lost even more weight but my appetite improved so slowly putting back on those pounds and rebuilding my stamina. We nervously waited to meet with my oncologist to see if I could restart Tagrisso. We met with Dr. B on Sept 6th and found out that my liver enzymes had almost normalized but my neutrophils, although a smidge better, was still low. The most striking finding was my tumour markers. It had fallen from over 300 (yikes) to 37!!! That's almost a ten fold decrease while being on Tagrisso only two weeks then off for over a week! Wow!!! And after a short discussion with Dr. B, I was allowed to restart Tagrisso that night!... With caution. We still need to be careful about its effects on my liver so weekly blood tests are needed and we see Dr. B again in 2 weeks. 

Eversince I restarted Tagrisso, I've been sending healing light and happy thoughts to my liver :), I restarted iv vitamin C, and after consulting Dr. Block, who was just as amazed by the fall in tumour markers, adjusted my supplements to protect my liver. In short, I am doing everything I can to stay on this wonder drug. Please continue to send prayers, healing energy, positive thoughts, happiness, sunshine, rainbows, etc. this way. Thank you!!! Also, a big thank you to our friends and my little brother for bringing in food, books and your company while I was in hospital. Another huge thank to our neighbours and friend who took/are taking care of Zoey while I recover.  So grateful to be surrounded by such wonderful people :). 

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