May 5, 2018

Celebration of Life, April 28/29 2018

Dear friends and family:

Last weekend we made space to celebrate Heing’s time with us. Spring did arrive in Calgary and we had a great walk in Canmore on Saturday. We walked along the Bow river, a path Heing , Zoey and I often did. Family in Windsor and Michigan went on a walk in her honour too.

On Sunday we had a gathering at a friends place. Her paintings, “Heing made” cards, photos and crochet items made for littles were were on display. Food was an assortment of dishes from around the world to reflect her love to travel.  Thank you all for making this happen celebration beautiful.

I read one of Heing’s last journal entries:
..I know that someday I will see you all again, when it's time. Reassure them that I lived a full life. I am who I am because of my family, you and my friends. Thank you to infinity and beyond. I will be watching over you all.
The celebration moves me and others closure to closure. Her preference was a celebration of life and to welcome everyone.  One of her wishes was to contribute to lung cancer research through the Glans-Look Lung Cancer research program in Calgary; Lung Cancer Canada or a charity of your choice.  Friends and family raised $4,223 toward the Glans-Look lung cancer program. The research focuses on precision-oncology and targeted drugs. Of the four lines of treatments, the two targeted drugs worked the best for Heing. It allowed us to travel, gave her energy to be with friends and enjoy what most important to her in life. I am honoured to speak at the Glans-Look research Day next week on a caregiver perspective to precision-oncology.

Friends and I will continue her calling to raise awareness of lung cancer and the need for research. Melissa, Sidd, Chris and I are cycling for The Ride to Conquer Cancer, a 200km, 2day cycle. Our team: Hanging onto Hope is in memory of Heing. My training starts tomorrow :)

With love and gratitude,

Mountain view from our walk
Some of the family and friends on the walk in Calgary
Family on a walk in celebration
Louie and Brother

HT made her presence around the wold. See the red dots.